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Everyone has some legacy, we help you modernise your Infrastructure & Applications.
Cloud adoption helps you to improve the scalability of internet based data strategies while reducing cost and risk. Leverage technological resources from the public cloud as well as the private cloud creating a hybrid framework that allows one the best of both worlds.

Our partnership with Osian has enabled Scant Evidence to serve its customers and allow their IoT hardware connected to cloud and controllable by the web and mobile apps in an easy and simple manner, enabling us to provide features and capabilities that our customers demand which helps us expand our business.

- Tom Dichiaro, CTO, Scante Evidence LLC

How do we measure up?

A new way to build your Applications

Application development has come a long way since the introduction of cloud computing. We help you develop applications with a development and deployment strategy that involves cloud technologies to deliver optimum results with minimal costs. With a distributed computing architecture and serverless application development frameworks in mind, we have experience of putting cutting edge technologies on the production roadmap. Getting the most out of NoSQl Databases, efficiency in modelling the same we can bring quality to your NoSQL data model.

On-Premise to cloud migration

Getting your legacy applications to the cloud can be quite a daunting task. The pain of data migration and ensuring everything has been imported correctly without any anomalies can be a challenge. We can help you with all this, we can not only migrate your application but get stability, additional security, maintainability, performance & scalability to your Architecture. We are adept at implementing recovery strategies as per your requirements.

Dockerize your existing application

Supporting older versions of Software & Operating systems is one of the bigger challenges for anyone running workloads on cloud. It keeps getting trickier with time, difficult to reproduce out of support VM images. Dockerizing your application can provide the much needed immunity to versioning issues. It also adds ease of setting up environments without the hassles of maintaining complex documentation or adding dependencies on certain people in the team.

Serverless Applications

If you want to leverage the cloud to the fullest extent serverless is the answer. It provides architectural, cost & operational benefits. More sooner than later, as a part of phased cloud adoption, organisations will move towards building cloud native serverless applications. We have delivered 100% serverless applications and can tell from experience that going serverless is the future.

AWS Partners

As an AWS Consulting Partner, we are certified and audited by AWS to ensure that the services we provide are at the forefront of this and fast-moving sector. We provide AWS-based services to leading global companies and can design, build and support any range of cloud solutions.

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