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Enterprise portal solutions which enable you to organize internal data and connect better with your customers

Osian’s innate capabilities in handling multifaceted mobile applications is second to none. They were tasked with developing our complex Corporate Loan Service App in a very short time frame on Flutter – a new mobile development platform. They not only managed to deliver on time but understood and solutioned with the various IT partners & even our design team to ensure that they weaved a seamless journey for our customers.

- Kaushik Chakraborty, AVP Tata Capital

How do we measure up?

UI / UX Development skills

Agile, component-driven development – simply put, our development process is both flexible and precise. By developing small components one at a time, we can deliver a full spectrum of UI frameworks customized to your specific business and customer needs. We will work with you to create a perfect user experience by ensuring the users can meet the objectives of the website or app with the least amount of hassle and the utmost ease.

Business improvements brought on by workflow

The benefits of gaining better insight into your organization’s business process management and making it streamlined are numerous. we implement and optimise workflows that enable employees to work faster to mitigate the inevitable delays and roadblocks. All of this directly influences the overall performance of an organization.
We help get the task to users in the medium that works rather than having users login to multiple systems to get the job done. We get processes well ordered by documenting them in FlowCharts, BPMN diagrams.

Infrastructure & Application monitoring

Whether on-site or cloud-based, notifications for Applications & Infrastructure related events are absolutely essential. At a time when system downtime can adversely affect the brand image resulting in financial loss, putting this strategy in place is essential for any enterprise. What is more important is to have a recovery system in place, not one size fits all but all of them requiring some recovery strategy in case of unexpected downtime, we get this done.

Auditing & Reporting

Auditing is a vital aspect of all that an enterprise does. Document all is the mantra, but there is significant inefficiency when examining logs. To ensure that logs add value for what they are meant for, we get log analytics systems in place. Any anomalies that are reported in a timely manner can save an early stage of many mishaps.

Digital best practices

We develop all our websites with usability and conversion in mind. This means that the application looks great, works well, and ultimately generates analytics. We enable digital marketing in the best possible way while designing the property itself. Getting A/B testing in place, enabling useful Analytics to enable smart business decisions.

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