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About The Client

Furtados School of Music (FSM) is an institute founded in 2011, educating over 75,000 students across India to create great musicians of tomorrow.

It has partnered with 200 schools and has 12 centers across India in major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, and New Delhi, dedicated to providing a complete solution to music education.

Furtados School of Music gives a comprehensive musical experience with state-of-the-art Instruments, teaching assignments and is associated with the Berkeley School of Music, London, NMIMS, and Trinity College London to certify musicians across syllabi and give global exposure to promising musicians. They are committed to bringing organized music education to children across age groups in partnership with leading schools in India.

High is their latest initiative, to bring quality music learning right at the doorstep of music aspirants. With the vision to make music accessible to every music aspirant in the country Furtados and Furtados School of Music have now embarked on an ambitious retail dream of bringing quality and organized music learning to the doorstep of every music aspirant. HIGH currently provides private music lessons & teachers in Mumbai, India, and will be soon available in other cities.

Osian was the perfect recipe for building an innovative product such as ours which required the right team and leadership. Sagar, spearheading his team, with the in-depth knowledge of product development combined with his experience, provided solution has helped us immensely to create and launch a brilliant product in the market. His biggest strength is his honesty which always always adheres to the timeline and cost.

- Tanuja Gomes, CEO, Furtados school of Music

The Project

HIGH provided private music lessons & teachers to music aspirants, to manage the whole process manually was a tedious task, in order to automate the whole process there was a need for a mobile app which would not only help teachers but students in their course and practice to become good musicians.

The Challenge

HIGH had a complex process that involved teachers, students, and the management team who manages the whole process manually. To understand the business requirement and create an approach which includes a medium where teachers can maintain a track of all the activities of their students and student can have a track of the courses. At the same time, the management team can easily manage the onboarding process for teachers, students, and keep track of everything from renewals of course to the payment tracking and addressing the feedback.

Technology Selection

Osian came up with a list of frameworks that can be used to build mobile applications, and an admin portal for the management team to manage also are currently industry standard and make the creation of mobile applications secure, flexible and easy.

Keeping in mind the requirements and the needs of the client a Frontend ( React Native ) and Admin ( Php Laravel) technology was selected to proceed creation of the mobile application and the admin portal.

The primary selection criteria was based on a few key factors, including :



React Native is a real asset when it comes to improving the performances through native control and modules. The React Native gets connected to the native components for both the Operating Systems and generates code to the native APIs upfront and freely. Now the performance enhances due to the fact that it makes use of a different thread from UI and the native APIs. You can also other alternatives such as opt for the WebView, but it will decline the performance level.


One of the biggest benefits that you can gain from React Native is the advantage of code reusability. The developers feel blessed and thankful to Facebook as they don’t have to develop a separate mobile app for each platform. In fact, you integrate 90% of the native framework for reusing the codes for both the OS. It is because of this unique feature that the developers tend to save a lot of time and also curtail the cost of app development as well.


The developers don’t need to use separate codes for both the platforms as both OS can be coded with a single programming language. Now, this makes your project cost more affordable as you don’t have to employ a large team and different developers for getting the job done. This is another benefit of React Native as a small team size is sufficient to carry out the task. The developers gave in-depth experience and establishing better communication with each other.


Flutter development framework functions quicker than its alternatives. In most cases, one can expect a Flutter app to require at least two times fewer man-hours compared to the same app developed separately for Android and iOS. The simple reason for this is one just doesn't have to write any platform-specific code to achieve the desired visuals in the application. Any 2D-based UI can be implemented in Flutter without interacting with a native application counterpart. Flutter also provides a declarative API for building UI, which, noticeably boosts the performance. This is most obvious when it comes to visual adjustments.

Stable Apps

The React Native offers one of the features or benefits which is simplifying the process of data binding. This is due to this aspect that your apps become more stable and also the level of reliability increases. The child element does not have any influence on the parent data. The React Native only allows the updating of the permitted components and if you have to make any modification, then you are required to change and apply the updates.

Modular Architecture

Modular Programming helps to segregate the program functions into various different free and interchangeable blocks known as modules. Now, this is a software technique that makes the development more flexible and establishes better coordination with each other to get the updates. React Native is benefited to get this intuitive modular architecture, which helps React Native developers to easily upgrade the apps at a quick pace. You can also reuse the modules the same as codes for web and mobile APIs.

Php (Laravel Framework)

Authentication & Authorization

Some of the best Laravel development companies assure secure authentication and authorization. Any web application owner needs to be assured of having authentic and authorized users accessing the secured resources. Implementation of authorization is quite simple as almost everything is configured out-of-the-box. Laravel also facilitates a basic method that sorts out the authorization logic and control access which are well-organized and very easy to manage.

Template Tool

Laravel has a pre-installed powerful and lightweight template engine, helping developers in making some extraordinary layouts with intensive content seeding. Laravel template offers various solid widgets with robust CSS and JS coding. Its inbuilt templates are there to accumulate plain PHP and cached it to give the great performance. All the templates are designed with different sections along with simple layouts which make it easier to develop a simple yet functional layout.

MVC Architecture

This is the factor that makes Laravel the best framework to use for your web application development. It enhances the performance, ensures clarity, and allows for better documentation. It makes it easier to change the template and the underlying codes. In short, it’s built-in functionalities ease the overall process.

Integration with Mail Service

Mail service integration is another benefit that Laravel provides. It is used to send notifications to users’ to notify them about the various events that take place. It has become inconceivable nowadays, to have a modern online application that lacks simple email notification to new customers portraying their promising web registration. It also provides drivers for Mailgun, SMTP, Mandrill, SparkPost, PHP’s “mail” function, and Amazon SES which allows an application to get started speedily.

Technical Vulnerabilities Fixture

Laravel is a secure platform that takes care of the security within its framework. It safeguards web applications against the most serious security risks such as; SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, etc. It can inform you first-hand if the codebase is guarded, and that many people have vetted the code. Therefore, any Laravel development company is confident and will be sure to assure you of the framework’s security.

The Solution

Mobile App for Android & iOS

Osian’s solution included creating a mobile application that can be used on both Android and iOS platforms. The process flow in the app was created considering the fact that both teachers and students can use the app. The integration of a 3rd party music practice tool (Music Buddy) which helps students fine-tune their learnings.

The App consist of the following processes:

  • 1. Teacher Registration and Onboarding.
  • 2. Tracking and processing of Music Trials / Demos.
  • 3. Creating a group and student-teacher mapping.
  • 4. Assigning and tracking of Tasks and home works.
  • 5. Tracking of the music practice via Music Buddy.
  • 6. Student Registration.
  • 7. Tracking of assigned tasks and homework.
  • 8. Practicing music via Music Buddy.
  • 9. Course Upgradation and Session Renewals (Tech Process Payment gateway)

Easy to Use Admin portal

The Admin portal was created keeping in mind the requirements of the business. The portal helped the management team to perform the following tasks:

  • 1. Verification of teacher onboarding process
  • 2. Track the request of trial sessions, class sessions for every teacher and student.
  • 3. Track the course up-gradation and session renewals.
  • 4. Perform offline session renewals and course up-gradation where students can’t make payments online.
  • 5. The integration of the BI tool helped the client in Fast and ccurate reporting.
  • 6. The BI tool provided Valuable business insights.
  • 7. The BI tool helped Increase the revenue.
  • 8. The BI tool helped in getting the Competitive Analysis.
  • 9. The BI tool helped in achieving Increased customer satisfaction.

Architecture & Security

mobile admin architecture

The Application components can be categorized as below as per the functions:

For Security

Application Load balancer: The SSL request termination happens at ALB level, all traffic is limited to the VPC.

For Scalability

Amazon RDS: Using a secure scalable database with Multi AZ high availability is the fundamental foundation for scalability.

Load Balancing & Auto Scaling with Cloud Watch: To handle peak loads compute services scale in a Multi AZ cluster, marshalling is handled via the Elastic Load balancer.

For Mailing

AWS SES: is used to send important and necessary emails to the students and teachers.

Redis: is used for queuing Emails, which helps in the smooth and effective sending of emails in case of multiple concurrent requests.

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