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The CMS migration, powered by Osian's expertise and ability to design, develop and deploy, has been crucial in helping us achieve our goals. The quick turnaround has yielded spectacular results allowing us to make a quick transition to a more flexible, dependable and secure workflow. Osian's technological expertise has helped us deploy on the AWS cloud infrastructure leveraging best practices while ensuring security. Their familiarity with various services on the AWS cloud platform was instrumental and they actively advised us on ways that we could save on costs without any compromise on performance. Osian also helped us identify and mitigate risks when it came to the proposed architecture on AWS in a timely fashion at every juncture during the engagement. All of this has helped creating a comprehensive system that adds value and fits admirably well in the overall vision for our cloud strategy. I am happy to see continued improvements and feature enhancements in the system and we look forward to a favorable partnership with Osian

- Nitin Agarwal, Group CIO, CTO President at Edelweiss Financial Services

Wordpress for Enterprise

WordPress is arguably the most widely used CMS today, yet it's one that is often skipped by larger enterprise level companies. While businesses of all sizes need a system by which they can create, post and update their online content, these needs for small or medium-sized businesses are often very different from those for an enterprise-sized entity, both in terms of capacity and in terms of scale. WordPress has evolved to a great extent to being a fully-functional CMS with a highly advanced ability to customize the framework for any use, coupled with its user-friendly and familiar admin interface and widespread use that makes it a perfect choice for enterprise CMS.

How do we measure up?

Security Audits

WordPress security is a specialized task. We can check your WordPress installation and suggest possible changes to the hosting as well as the runtime environment that can be made to improve the security of your installation. We take this as an end-to - end service from checking the web server, php configuration, permissions & possible performance improvements that can be made. We can also help with customizing Web Firewall applications. Our deployments pass through VAPT test the very first time.


Our WordPress enterprise development services are backed by comprehensive hands-on knowledge of WordPress and the ability to meet the demands of changing business landscape, industry standards and environments. With us, you get all the knowledge and skills you need to create an enterprise grade WordPress experience. We have a business-centric approach from creating custom plug-ins to integrations to enhance the business's workflow.

Infrastructure setup

We are a team of AWS certified cloud professionals . We leverage our cloud infrastructure capabilities to deliver the best results, both in terms of performance and cost to your business. We utilize cloud components and enhanced security principles to further secure your WordPress environment. In the past we have deployed wordpress traditionally utilising cloud components like Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS etc to achieve measurable results.

Digital best practices

We develop all our websites with usability and conversion in mind. This means that the website looks great, works well, and ultimately generates leads and sales. We enable digital marketing in the best possible way while designing the property itself. This means that we're making sure your site gives you a helping hand in getting traffic and sales, rather than holding you back.

CMS Migration

We help you strategize the whole process from business goals to technical execution to removing the burden of the process of migration and website upgrades. We determine a strategy covering all data migration without causing any data loss and no downtime for your website. If you are working on a crucial migration project, you can count on our expert guidance to help ensure a smooth migration from your current CMS to WordPress. We ensure that the SEO score is maintained while doing and after the migration.

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