Cloud Infrastructure

With world-class, highly scalable and elastic services, Osian helps you reduce costs and risks while accelerating business growth. A poor structural design – one that does not reflect a strategic purpose – is the main limitation to the cloud’s business potential. Osian Cloud Architecture Service uses a structured, proven approach to design and deploy scalable, cloud-based infrastructures that evolve smoothly from your designs for virtualization, automation and data centers.

Our design principles also enable your cloud infrastructure to support a hybrid sourcing model that includes private and public cloud options by using  our Reference Model for Cloud.

You can take advantage of what we have learned from designing some of the world’s most demanding cloud environments for organizations across industries – including large media organizations, providers of telecommunications, and brand marketing agencies.

By using Osian Cloud Architecture Service, you can:

Address all the key elements necessary to provide a cloud service: Our reference cloud architecture acts as a common framework for all cloud commitments and accommodates various go – to-market plans, technologies, software stacks, and cloud service requirements.

 Shorten “delivery time" and mitigate risks: We provide a detailed design plan, materials bill, and implementation plan that takes into account the migration aspects of people, processes, technology, costs, and workload. We also interpret best practices to determine which processes are common among cloud services and which need to be individually implemented.

We have developed deep shared services, expertise in virtualization and service management, and understand the service-centered model at every stage — strategy, design, transition, and operations. Rather than focus on pieces of cloud computing, we provide a comprehensive framework for you to work toward a cloud future that addresses people, processes, and technology.We enable tight integration and synergy between previously siloed servers, storage, networks, and management software through the Osian Cloud Architecture Service practices and technologies — making cloud infrastructure real.

Over the years, for large and complex service environments with high demands for scalability, we have implemented complex and global cloud implementations. This helped us build a range of cloud solutions with an “everything-as – a-service" capability — providing all the expertise you need to implement your chosen strategy.You can realize the true potential of cloud computing by using these building blocks — foundational and enabling technologies and services.

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