Osian provides our clients with the creative, marketing and technical capabilities to develop and implement integrated social media applications. By empowering our clients with the power of social media marketing, Osian bridges the gap between traditional marketing and modern marketing. We have a team of highly experienced experts in social media who create custom social media campaigns to maximize customer brands’ exposure.    

Osian has customized social media applications. Each with expertise in business analysis, development and project management, develops and deploys an exceptional application that fits your social media marketing branding goals.

Our social media marketing campaigns help you in:

  • Getting an Online Reputation
  • Performing Interactive promotions and discussions
  • Attracting relevant customers online
  • Spreading and controlling your message across the internet
  • Provide easy and convenient service delivery to your consumers

Our team of developers has expertise in developing the perfect social media campaign for your brand in the following platforms:

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Facebook Applications

Osian is all about the user-friendly development of Facebook applications. We facilitate your brand with the artistic combination of the expertise and experience of our professionals:

  • Quizzes & Trivia
  • Gifting
  • Brand Awareness
  • Reminders
  • Just for fun
  • Utilities
  • Trends & Fashions
  • Applications add-ons
  • Social Campaigns & Causes
  • Fund-raising

Osian delivers Facebook Applications that are:

  • Viral, engaging and out of box
  • User-friendly and eye-catching designs
  • Commercially and socially focused on brand’s specification
  • Matchless and catchy design

Marketing your application to the millions of users of Facebook 


Twitter Applications

Osian offers a full range of Twitter application development services for marketing and tweeting. Our developers provide full API support for powerful Twitter micro-blogging so you can quickly and effortlessly reach millions of users. We deploy the ideal application that allows your target audience to penetrate ideas.

Osian provides comprehensive development services for Twitter applications that include:

  • Managing Twitter accounts and tweets
  • Create and control your twitter tools
  • Quick and effective methods for prompt responses
  • Easily measurable results for every campaign
  • Comprehensive activity reporting
  • Instantly connectivity with clients, customers and business partners

Osian also offers customized Twitter applications that focuses on unique requirement for your businesses and automatically generate tweets, post updates and welcome messages on your website and allow you to view your Twitter account without logging in.

Facebook connect

Osian enables your website to integrate easily and effectively with native Facebook applications and pages. Our developers ensure streamlined information movement across your Facebook apps and website and pages. This makes it easy for users to directly access your information from the Facebook page. You can also use your website’s Facebook application directly by signing in from your account. This allows you to integrate and multiply your social media network connections.     

Osian provides an exclusive integration service for Facebook with the following benefits:

Quick and easy access for Facebook users

Rich media content sharing using API live streams

  • Corporate network growth with Facebook invitations
  • Automatically update your page with stories, media, comments and blogs
  • Direct user interaction for increased brand awareness and traffic

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