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Swadhaar is a non-profit organization called Swadhaar FinAccess aiming for financial Inclusion in India by providing financial education & access to financial products for low income communities.

We are currently working with communities in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Bihar to enhance their economic capacity by providing financial education and training. In the past 10 years of our operations we have worked with over 4,00,000 people in India.

Swadhaar is also one of the six NGOs selected by the Reserve Bank of India for pilot of Centers of Financial Literacy (CFLs) in India



To create a money management platform that helps economically vulnerable and underserved households and businesses keep track of their finances and learn how to manage their wealth better.


  • Icon and audio based interface

The challenge for people who are numerically literate is that they understand languages but are unable to read and write, making a multilingual app wasn’t enough. We changed the entire interface to have icons and audio controls that explain the screen through a mascot. This led to usability and commitment.

  • Workflow design

We designed the system in a way that we had a hook at every rational interaction, allowing us to change things very quickly through post usability testing of Alpha and Beta releases.

  • Technology choices

We had to build a first application offline to ensure usefulness. We used an offline in the application database to synchronize with the server when the application was being used and the user was online allowing the user to use the application.


Native Android, React Native, Python


Swadhaar Saathi is an Award winning app ( Winner of MetLife Inclusion Plus Award) that seamlessly integrates, Banks, MIcro Finance Companies with the end user. A CRM tailored for the Micro Finance segment with a Robust reporting framework, including Regulatory reporting and built in Analytics to get insights at each stage. The Swadhaar Saathi app is an illustrative money management tool that enables the sub-illiterate groups to track their financials, save money and set goals.

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