TV Music Box for Sony Bravia TV



‘TV MusicBox’ , the music sharing application, is the brainchild of Osian created exclusively for Sony’s Bravia Android TVs which allows users to enjoy music collaboratively on Bravia TV from multiple smartphone devices.



Imagine being in a social gathering with family or friends and everyone is just dancing and humming to their own private music – it’s kind of a weird scenario, which leads to bickering, fighting, and screaming during the gathering, but where’s the fun in listening to great music if you can’t make those around you listen to the same amazing songs?.

The challenge was to create a product that was able to ingeniously synchronize everyone’s playlist on their phones and listen to it as a group.


  • Minimal UI

To ensure an easy user experience, the UI is deliberately kept to a minimum. Neutral colors have been chosen to enable users to customize the entire color scheme with gradients, colors or even images.

  • Wi-Fi Direct

In the absence of WIFI, we leveraged the built – in WIFI Direct feature of TV to create and manage connections. So the experience can also be enjoyed by people without WIFI.

  • Analytics & course correction

We saw many users drop the connection screen after the initial release. The connection screens were redesigned and the dropout rate decreased by more than 80%.

Technology used

Native Android (Java) 


What makes TV Musicbox such a breeze is that it turns your Bravia TV in to a sound system. The easy to use interface  It uses WI-FI Direct to form a collaborative playlist, which, in turn allows you to turn your friends into a portable sound system.

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