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The HIGH app facilitates the students to search for music mentors in their vicinity  specific to their learning preferences. You can request for a trial session with a chosen mentor, purchase a learning plan, and schedule your lessons. All lessons are scheduled and tracked on the app. In addition a student can access the entire curriculum, music backing tracks,  solution Furtados MusicBuddy to enhance learning. Similarly, Music Teachers can use the HIGH app to register, connect to potential students as per their teaching preferences, get requests, access and curate curriculum, manage & track a students learning progress and assign homework..



The online music learning industry function had manual and fragmented processes, which struck a discordant note upsetting the melody. The mammoth challenge here was creating the right online platform, where students want to learn and feel successful .In today’s online environment there is a lack of teacher presence, face-to-face  interaction, and tech support. The most well planned and explicitly laid out online instructional environment is not enough to sustain learner interest. On the other hand, learners new to an online learning environment typically lack the level of awareness, time management skills, and self-directed learning needed to be successful.

When it comes to online music learning the discussion is always around either digital or physical but none talk about the hybrid model


  • Right Tech Stack

We chose React Native to fuel the mobile application, the backend was done with Laravel. To set up a robust devops system, we used Docker & Kubernetes together with CI & CD.   

  • Automated Testing

We used unit testing to test key business conditions. Plugging them with GitHooks to ensure any code breaking the business conditions was not checked in.

  • Solid Dev Ops

We set up a CI / CD pipeline for fast turnaround time. Docker & Kubernetes, in conjunction with the AWS architecture, ensured the platform was highly scalable. After a successful approach, the entire platform could be delivered in 8 months.

Technology used

React-Native, PHP


Given the dynamics of the industry, where players need to up their game in order to remain relevant, creating a successful culture of innovation was the key to HIGH’s success.  We were able to achieve this complex problem in to a seamless digital transformation by leveraging our domain expertise to create an innovative business model by standardizing the platform of the already fragmented domain to accelerate growth. Simultaneously standalone systems were integrated into a single Enterprise Resource Planning system with consolidated invoice & payment management.  

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