Straight-Through-Processing (STP) &
Non-Straight-Through-Processing (NSTP)

Increase efficiency and growth throughout the sales lifecycle.

Our solution seamlessly integrates into any existing IT infrastructure, no matter how complex.

Automate the straight-through processing of insurance claims, reduce errors, improve response times, and provide your clients with superior service. Provide a consistent experience across channels with a simple and elegant user interface, to increase customer satisfaction and agent loyalty.

We provide instant access to critical data via customised dashboards with graphics and reports. Additionally, it facilitates straight-through processing by allowing users to immediately alter business processes and business rules based on best practices.


Meet Growing Customer Expectations

Over 30% of customers who have had a bad claim experience with their insurer are more likely to switch. The truth is that customer demands are rising, and STP is one of the few scalable solutions for retaining your current client base.

Mitigate Errors

Focus on eliminating errors while allocating human resources to the most critical tasks. Complicated claims may still need human intervention. Basic claims can benefit from straight-through processing.

More Customer-Centric

STP can be used to automate the most common claims and payouts. Process claims with basic information quickly, keep your customers happy, and your workflow moving. while maintaining greater visibility of transactions and reduced risks with improved real-time analytics for detecting fraud.

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