Document/Policy Generation Systems

Document automation streamlines the production and distribution of business-critical documents in a flexible and scalable environment.

If you are in the insurance industry, you know how difficult it is to generate policies.

Compliance, versioning, archiving, and pulling data from many systems are just a few of the difficulties that come with developing new policies.

An effective document generation solution can connect disparate systems by providing a single interface through which users can access all necessary data directly from their desktops. The end result is a dependable, secure system that can quickly generate all policy documentation.


Create policies that are tailored to the personalised

Achieve a higher level of personalisation by incorporating advanced logic and real-time, customer-specific data from any source or format within policy documents. Rules-based logic in policy document models enables advanced functionality such as regulatory language, paragraph dependencies, and signature inclusions.

Accelerated time to market

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to get policy documents into production. Using complete testing and preview capabilities built directly into the design environment . Easily transition from document design to production without the need for manual intervention.


Document quality and near-error-free performance are made simple and easy with automated data capture, version control, and reusable content components.


The burden and expenses associated with regulatory compliance are significantly reduced by centralised management and monitoring of content components, as well as comprehensive audit facilities.

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