Future-Ready Fintech Ecosystem

Augment8 is a Fintech ecosystem for enterprises needing a sophisticated and flexible digital solution managing millions of transactions daily, driving exponential business growth, and streamlining operations while providing insights for de-risking and regulatory compliance. The best part is that Augment8 integrates perfectly with legacy systems without impacting existing organizational workflows. Ready to build a robust and scalable tech platform?

Built with Camunda

Innovative technology for the end-to-end digital transformation of your financial services

Augment8 empowers organizations with business intelligence for scale and to be productive, safe and responsible through the power of innovative technology.

With Augment8 you get:

Integrated real-time view of business, risks, operations and compliance.

A cutting-edge Fintech ecosystem at highly reduced costs for set-up, training and infrastructure

A flexible and secure multi-layered tech stack to drive digital transformation for financial institutions.

Future-ready and rapidly scaling omnichannel interfaces that are interconnected and function to requirements.

Accelerated go-to-market timelines for new business changes.

Customized solutions that perfectly fit the needs of the organization.

Ability to fully optimize and leverage cloud infrastructure and capabilities.

Best of both worlds: Build & Buy. No vendor lock-ins. Run workflows on existing apps seamlessly.

End-to-end process visibility. Flexibility to make minor process changes without huge expenses.

Powered by the Universal Process Orchestrator - Camunda.

Augment8 Ecosystem Built With Camunda

A collective of highly sophisticated enterprise products, easily customized to meet your exact requirements.


24/7 internal and external data acquisition with access to connected data for intelligent decision making


Intelligent customer communication


Real-time management of errors and fraud-incidents


Intuitive rule engine driving systems


Centralized and secure data management


Workflow and Task management.


Personalized document generator


Transaction management monitoring and analytics

Your Augment8 Solution

Each product can be used separately or together and deployed on servers or on the cloud.

Customer Onboarding & KYC

Process, Operate, Produce, Aggregate, Communicate, Comply

Claims Management

Transact, Decide, Process, Operate, Comply

Investor Profiling

Aggregate, Decide

Loan Journey

Process, Operate, Produce, Aggregate, Communicate, Comply


Transact, Manage, Decide.

Insurance Rates Engine

Manage, Decide.

Product Recommendation

Transact, Decide

Tell us what you need and we’ll build it while ensuring it’s future-ready, flexible, scalable and secure.

Why customers love working with us.

Leverage Augment8 for your organization

Banking and financial organizations like yours need to operate with precision, reliability, speed and cost efficiency in all facets of business operations. You need the best of both worlds – build and buy.

Leverage Augment8’s ready-to-use products along with the personalization you need, to create a solution that perfectly matches your organization’s requirements.

Powered by Camunda - The Universal Process Orchestrator

We help global financial organizations like yours advance their digital transformation. This commitment requires us to partner with the best in the world to turn ideas into automation.

Camunda drastically reduces the time it takes to design and agree upon process changes.

Rapidly implement processes that orchestrate people, systems, and devices.

Orchestrate anything from modern microservices to legacy applications.

Unparalleled Speed, Scale, and Resilience.

Designed for enterprise performance, availability and security at scale.

Process an unlimited amount of transactions at consistently low latencies.

Fail-over architecture and geo-replication provide enterprise-grade reliability.

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